Parachurch Ministries 2012
Our Purpose: Parachurch ministries  brings people of all ages to Jesus and into membership with His family, developing them into servanthood maturity and then we help equip them for their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world, in order to magnify the name of God
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“Find a need and fill it”
Our Vision: Parachurch ministries is committed to the mobilization of Christians through Prayer Rallies, Christian Conferences, Mass Evangelism, Mission Outreach,  Christian Media (print, radio, TV, film, music), Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Jail and Prison outreach, Bible studies, Men's and Women's Outreaches, Leadership Training and the support of key community events such as Christian concerts, youth rallies etc.
Our Focus: We exist to serve the church and not to be served by the local church. Sometimes, para- church type ministries want to be served by the churches. This is the model turned on its head. Sometimes para-church ministries can so draw resources and energy from the local churches that it begins to damage the ministry of local churches - rather than actually supporting it. This is not our intent.